What’s the Difference Between a Scissor Lift’s Platform and Working Heights?

9 February 2021
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If you need to hire a scissor lift, then you have to find one that can reach the right height. You can't assume that any scissor lift will be able to go up to the height you want, as different models have different reach capabilities. As such, getting things right is sometimes complicated by the description of the height reach of a scissor lift. For example, some companies will give the lift's platform height while others give the working height. Read More 

Top Benefits of Pneumatic Scissor Lifts in Construction Projects

4 December 2020
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Elevated works in a construction site can be uncomfortable and risky, which might explain why scissor lifts have become critical pieces of equipment. The equipment provides a safe and stable platform for workers to perform tasks, such as wiring, inspections and installations. While construction contractors can choose from a wide array of scissor lift types, pneumatic models are the best option. This article highlights the benefits of pneumatic scissor lifts in construction sites. Read More 

Does Your Company Use Height Safety Products?

22 October 2020
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While the majority of people like to keep their feet firmly on the ground while working, there are still plenty of jobs that can only be done from an elevated position. Perhaps you are repairing a roof, building a skyscraper or working on a site that needs materials regularly moved between different levels. Whether it is employees or equipment that needs to be elevated to the right heights, it is vital that no lifting is carried out before a responsible individual has checked that all of the relevant height safety products are being used and that they are in good condition. Read More 

What You Need to Know About Cutting Copper

22 September 2020
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If you have a project that utilises copper metal, you might need to cut copper to fit or match the design of different parts. You can either DIY or use professional copper cutting services, a decision that depends on the thickness of the copper, the precision required, how many pieces you require, whether you have the right cutting tools, time, etc. DIY Copper Cutting This is practical if you are dealing with thinner copper pieces that require a few minor and less complex cuts. Read More 

Have you considered using pneumatic vibrators?

11 September 2020
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Engineers have long understood the benefits of vibration, and pneumatic vibrators have been widely used in industry for decades. Whether you are a builder trying to remove air bubbles from concrete or a chemist who needs to extract moisture or separate powders, there is really no viable substitute for vibration. What is not so often appreciated is that there are a variety of vibrators available and not every type of vibrator will be suitable for every purpose. Read More